Women & Girls in Sport
Closing the Visibility Gap with authentic representation

Taking Women & Girls off the Sidelines

At Getty Images, we passionately champion the authentic and inclusive representation of  women and girls in sport.  
Bringing transformative equity forward for women and girls in sports requires work on a multitude of fronts.  

We believe media companies, brands and sports rights holders can  change the perceptions of women sport by changing the visuals they use.

To help lead change, we have put together practical Women & Girls in Sport Guidelines  to help creatives, editors, art directors, marketers to create and select visual content for unbiased, inclusive visual storytelling.

It has never been more important to close the visibility gap and reimagine a new world for women sports.
 History of Women in Sport
Women & Girls in Sport for Brands
Women & Girls in Sport Guidelines
Inclusive Lens
Getty Images Visual GPS research shows that 68% 
of fans now believe sports organisations and brands should do more to promote women in sport. 

People’s perceptions of what is possible in sport are shaped by who and what they want want to see.  Women and girls are not one homogenous group so showing different layers of identity is key to more authentic representation of women and girls in sport.

Sports fans' top visual preferences are seeing women and girls of all age groups, body types and abilities engaging in sport.
Empowering Better Representation
Women in Sport and Getty Images are working together to break down stereotypes and broaden the representation of women experiencing perimenopause and menopause, showing women living full and active lives.

Mental Health
Today's fans are looking to sports to lead on mental health.  

According to Getty Images VisualGPS, n
early 7 in 10 fans  
believe more athletes and sports leagues should talk about mental health. 

Visuals of female athletes prioritising their mental health and
reframing vulnerability as strength is on the rise. 
Body Empowerment
Sports fans are drawn to more authentic representations of the female body, as well as seeing parenthood in sport. 

According to Getty Images VisualGPS, 7 in 10 fans 
would like to see female athletes portrayed in a way that focuses on their skill and athleticism rather than their beauty, glamour or sex appeal.