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Secrets of the Search Experts: Editorial Focus
Need help finding a particular piece of content?

Join our senior archivists as they showcase our most compelling editorial material and teach you how to effectively find the perfect stills and video for your projects.

Topics include:
  • Editorial contributors and partners
  • Examples of our best news, sports, entertainment and archival content
  • Tips & tricks for searching both editorial stills and video content
  • How to most effectively use boards for collaboration
Creative Content in the Time of COVID‑19: How the pandemic is reshaping the visuals of our society
Our global community is rapidly adapting to life amidst a pandemic. Our lives at home have never been more complex and yet there is a commonality to daily life within this shared experience. Terms like “home office,” “video call,” and “online learning” have taken new meaning in the context of today’s world. With those new definitions comes the need for different and unique visuals to represent the current climate. Join Tristen Norman, Senior Manager of Creative Insights, as she discusses the content, search terms and trends that represent this new normal and how the Creative team at Getty Images is working to capture the visuals, stories and spirit that best reflect this unprecedented time.

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Behind the Lens Series: Royal Photographer Chris Jackson
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join Lisa Marie Rae, Getty images’ Senior Director of Entertainment & Global Video in conversation with Chris Jackson, Getty Images’ Royal Photographer, as he discusses his 15 years photographing the Royal Family and capturing some of the most iconic and celebrated moments of Royal life.

From the births of Princes and Princesses to the engagements and weddings of Dukes and Duchesses, Mr. Jackson has captured Royal events that have moved a global audience.

Getty Images Archive: A Cultural Treasure
Join Bob Ahern, the Director of the Getty Images Archive in discussion with Melanie Llewellyn, Curator of the Hulton Archive and Sarah Kubiak, Senior Archivist of the Bettmann Archive as they share the rich history these collections and showcase incredible pieces from the world’s largest privately owned archive. Learn why this collection of content “doesn’t stand still” even in this current climate and how this tremendous resource can be leveraged to tell your stories.

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Getty Images Political Advertising Insights
Curious as to what’s on the mind of today’s voters? Join Heather Tanning, Senior Manager of Marketing, as she discusses the latest search trends in political advertising and showcases new content that seeks to authentically depict American people and capture the attention of voters across the country.
Topics include:
  • Trending search terms
  • Top political downloads and searches
  • New creative campaigns and collections
  • Website navigation and search tips
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Behind the Lens Series: The Masters
The announcement from Augusta National that the tournament had postponed its flagship event hit hard.
For the first time since its inception in 1934 one of golf’s most cherished competitions would be absent from the spring sports calendar. Take a journey down Magnolia Lane with three of Getty Images’ top sports photographers Kevin C. Cox, Mike Ehrmann and Harry How as they share their experiences and the incredible moments they have captured over four days and 72 holes as the greatest athletes in golf compete for a chance to capture the Green Jacket and their place in Masters history.

How to pivot your message with Custom Solutions
Business is adapting to a world in quarantine in real time. Campaigns that were relevant weeks ago are longer applicable and you must pivot in order to connect with customers. Hear directly from a brand who has experience with leveraging custom solutions to resonate with their customers. Please join Matt Walsh, Creative Director at College Board, Tawnya Crawford Getty Images’ VP Custom Solutions and Andrew Delaney, Creative Director, Getty Images in a discussion on how College Board has leveraged custom solutions to pivot their message. Visual Insights and case studies on how to create a crowdsourced library of custom content will be also be revealed.

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Secrets of the Search Experts: Creative Focus
Please join us for a fun and informative webinar where you will learn expert tips and tricks for finding the images and video that will best complete and compliment your projects. We’ll delve deep into the Creative site, showcasing our most popular Creative content and providing site expertise to help make your job easier and your work stronger. Three of our top researchers, Michelle Graham, Sarah Travis and Chris Perez Yniguez, will guide you through the Creative overview, which will include:
  • A look at some of our specialty Creative contributors and partners
  • Examples of our most popular content
  • Best practices for getting started on a search
  • Stills vs. video searching
  • How to use boards effectively
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The Kentucky Derby
The postponement of the Kentucky Derby was a devastating decision. This race is not just a sporting event, but a celebration of southern culture and a true icon of Americana. The longest running sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875, the “Run for the Roses” has made headlines even when it coincided with major historical events such as the Great Depression and both World Wars.
Capturing “the most exciting two minutes in sports” is every bit as exhilarating as the race itself. Come join us as a panel of our top sports photographers talk about the challenges, complexities and thrill of documenting that photo finish. Mint juleps and hats optional.

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25 Years / 26 Pictures: Journey through a generation of the world’s greatest photography
For 25 years Getty Images has moved the world. Founded in 1995, Getty Images broke into an industry that was localized, siloed and analog. Today, the industry is consolidated, the line between editorial and commercial blurred, users are creators, and delivery is measured not in miles, but milliseconds. 
25 Years / 26 Pictures illustrates milestones from our first twenty‑five years with a focus on best‑selling images, technological advances, conceptual seas changes and grounding breaking business decisions. Both a history lesson and a tour through the greatest creative, news, sports, entertainment and archival photographs, 25 Years / 26 Pictures is a webinar you will not want to miss.

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Behind‑the‑Lens Photographer Webinar Series Arturo Holmes
Please join us for a conversation with photographer Arturo Holmes as he discusses his career and unique visual style. Arturo Holmes may be new to Getty Images, but he has become quite an accomplished photographer within his five years in the industry. 
While entertainment photography is his specialty at Getty Images, he is also an accomplished sports, lifestyle and fashion photographer. Arturo’s work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Forbes, Essence and Rolling Stone Magazine. 
Learn how Arturo is turning to editorial photography amidst the pandemic and how this versatile artist continues to use light, composition and emotion to create impactful and lasting imagery.

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The Key to Connecting with Customers through Visuals
Introducing Getty Images’ New Research Study – Visual GPS. In a world where 84% of communication is now visual, Americans are exposed to between 4K to 10K brand messages every day. How do you break through to deliver an impactful message? The secret to visual storytelling lies in knowing what imagery triggers a visceral response from your audience. Getty Images new research study helps inform you how to cut through the crowded visual landscape with content that is relevant to today’s consumer. Join our Senior Manager of Creative Insights, Tristen Norman, as she discusses our new proprietary insight built on 25 years of visual trend experience. Learn how to approach creative challenges from a quantitative perspective to ensure your visuals resonate with consumers and create a narrative to take your brand to the next level.

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Behind‑the‑Lens with Photographer Jamie McCarthy
You have undoubtedly seen his photos. His celebrity photography has been published worldwide. Now get a front row seat to hear him speak about his work and career.
Please join us for a conversation with legendary entertainment photographer Jamie McCarthy. Learn how Jamie approaches the craft of documenting the world’s most prominent figures in fashion, film, music and politics.
See a selection of his work as Jamie discusses his life beyond the velvet rope.
A Q&A will follow this one‑on‑one conversation which will focus on craft, career highlights and the celebrity spotlight.

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Inclusive Visual Storytelling for Women: A Practical Guide to Promote Diversity in the "New Norm"
Only 44% of women say they see themselves reflected in today’s media, yet women influence over 85% of purchase decisions.*  If advertising aligned with the real world, imagine the potential. Getty Images and SeeHer joined efforts in their respective missions to change the way women are portrayed in the media. We are thrilled to share with you a practical visual guide to help marketers craft unbiased, effective advertising with measurable results and ensure inclusivity. Learn the seven tenets of creating and selecting visual content that will showcase projects authentically, promote diversity and resonate with today’s women.

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Behind‑the‑Lens: The Stanley Cup Finals
Speed, agility and toughness are requirements for hockey and not just when shooting the puck, but shooting the players. The photographers capturing the Stanley Cup Finals need to be fast and ready for anything.
Join us for a conversation with our NHL photography pros Jamie Squire, Bruce Bennett and Justin Heiman as they take off their mitts and share their stories of the rink. Learn the challenges of capturing these fast‑paced finals and how our team scores winning content on and off the ice.
Lace up and get in the zone for an exciting showcase of slapshots and faceoffs.
No fights or penalties, we promise.

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Pivoting with Purpose: In Conversation with Dove
The Dove brand has long been a champion of “Real Beauty.” Dove and Getty Images launched project #ShowUS one year ago with the mission to change how women are portrayed in media.
In their recent campaigns, Dove recognizes the courage and determination of our first responders on the front lines in the battle against COVID‑19 and all those taking a stand to end racism and celebrate the beauty of diversity.
Join us for a conversation with Dove’s Global Brand Vice President, Sophie van Ettinger, as she discusses the impact and importance of brand purpose, how to pivot quickly in uncertain time, and how companies must lead the charge in creating an inclusive vision of beauty for everyone.

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Behind the Lens: Documenting Disability During Crisis
Last fall, Getty Images and Verizon Media awarded $40,000 in grants to five emerging photographers, as part of a first‑ever Disability‑Focused Creative Bursary. The grants provide much‑needed financial support to talent worldwide as they seek to tell authentic stories of the disability community, combating stereotypes and challenging assumptions at the same time. Today, their work takes on new dimensions as people with disabilities are uniquely vulnerable during disasters like the COVID‑19 pandemic. We’ll explore the impact on this community, and share our perspectives on the importance of content and media which accurately reflects us all, particularly during times of crisis.  We invite you to join us as we explore the work of our recipients and catch up with our first place winner Nolan Ryan Trowe.

Behind‑the‑Lens with Photographer Michael Loccisano
Please join us for a conversation with one of Getty Images’ most prolific and versatile photographers, Michael Loccisano.

Over his 15 years in the industry Michael has captured some of the world’s most notable celebrities and events.

Learn how Michael approaches his craft, his love of documenting concerts and how he brings poignant social moments to life through his photography.

From championship parades to Hollywood premieres, we will explore a selection of Michael’s work and discuss the story behind his powerful photos.

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Evolution of Editorial Video
With visual content at the heart of everything we do, Getty Images’ Editorial Video Team is committed to creating the content that brings a world in motion to life.

From iconic cultural moments, to celebrities, to natural disasters, to sports and fashion, our video team captures the events that have shaped history and continue to move and inspire audiences
around the world.

Join Getty Images’ Global Video Director, Christina Malucelli as she provides an inside look into our editorial video business. Learn how our unmatched editorial video coverage has evolved and what the future will bring as we look toward 2021 and beyond.

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Visual Storytelling and the Future of Healthcare
We are in the midst of historic change as we face the complications of a global pandemic, continue the fight against racial inequality and combat the brutal effects of climate change evident in the many recent natural disasters.
The healthcare industry exists at the intersection of these challenges, responsible for meeting the immediate needs of this health crisis while also displaying an understanding of the long‑term effects and care required for consumers of all backgrounds.
The visuals that you choose will make all the difference in creating meaningful and sustained connection with your audience.
Getty Images’ visual experts have conducted an in‑depth analysis of our most popular visual content amongst the healthcare industry and integrated the results with our proprietary data and research to bring you compelling visual insights that will have a profound impact on your messaging and drive greater customer engagement. Join us for a webinar led by our Head of Creative Insights, Tristen Norman, as she shares the details of this important study.

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