King Content

When King Content’s creative team got the call-up to make something ‘dangerous’, we knew we had to take a comedic approach. Our idea – “Danger, as you don’t know it" – was inspired by the statistical truth that you are more likely to be killed by the mundane and lame than the obvious and scary.


Our team at Foxtel Factual Group took on the task of making a Mind Blowing experience for the viewer. Our technique involved everyone in our team writing a sentence, which was then combined and used as the basis to create a short film.

The Monkeys

The basic idea for this film was to have a humorous inner monologue punctuated by a fast paced visual sub narrative. We set ourselves the challenge of using stock alone which meant we were at the mercy of the Getty Images library. Lucky for us it delivered the banal and the bizarre in equal measure – and exactly what we needed.

Flying Start

We have taken the theme of ‘fast’ and extrapolated it to a visual metaphor for life. The story you see is how FAST life goes by.

Paper Moose

When Rei, Qi and Aldo, astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars, find a stowaway on board their spaceship - an eccentric cleaner with dust allergies - their plans for scientific discovery and the advancement of humankind take a backseat to putting up with Mr Garth.

Colenso BBDO

We looked at a moment when you might consider what being together means.

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