Guidelines for Women & Girls in Sport

Our Mission is to Move the World and that includes changing the perception of women and girls in sports

According to the “Equity Project” study produced by the Women’s Sports Foundation, access to opportunities in sports for women and girls at every level have risen over the last decade. Yet, massive disparities still remain:

  • Only 3.2% of media coverage is dedicated to women’s sports
  • 87% of all three NCAA divisions offered disproportionately higher rates of athletic opportunities than male athletes compared to their enrollment
  • There’s been a precipitous decline in the number of female head coaches in college women’s sports (24% in 2019 vs. 90% in 1971)
  • Only 21% of all female student‑athletes are Black versus the 56% of female athletes who are white
  • 32% of girls report that sometimes boys make fun of them or make them feel uncomfortable when they practice sports
Bringing transformative equity forward for women and girls in sports requires work on a multitude of fronts. We believe media companies and brands can do their part in changing the perceptions of women and girls in sports by changing the imagery they choose to represent them. 

These guidelines will help you make the visual choices that illustrate all of the possibilities for women and girls in sports. 
From being more inclusive and intersectional, to moving away from stereotypes of female athletes to focusing on skill and athletic ability – we need to reimagine a new world for female sports.

You can’t be what you can’t see. 
Join us in our effort to create meaningful change for the representation of women and girl’s in sports.