365 RePicture Calendar

In 2021, join us in our mission to change perceptions and create a more inclusive world.

The 365 RePicture calendar is a celebration of diversity, aimed at breaking down harmful stereotypes and creating positive change.

The need for better representation in visual communication has been recognised on a global scale, yet this is not always apparent. Our recent Visual GPS survey found 8 out of 10 people globally expect that brands will be consistently committed to inclusivity and diversity in their advertising.

At Getty Images, we believe it is our collective responsibility to promote powerful, relevant imagery that increases awareness, alters perceptions, and drives advocacy for social issues.

How does it work
The 365 RePicture calendar has a monthly theme that promotes diversity, with a new visual each day. These images are delivered straight to your browser via a Google Chrome extension.

How to get it 
Simply download the extension below and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can discover the daily image via Instagram or Twitter.

Dismantling stereotypes with Visuals
To counter discrimination drivers such as race, gender, age and disability, Getty Images have partnered with organisations across the world to create visuals that reflect life in its truest form. The LeanIn Collection is a library of images devoted to the powerful depiction of women, girls and the people who support them; Muslim Girl is a collection that tackles the misrepresentation of Muslim women in the media; and the Disability Collection authentically portrays individuals with disabilities. You can view our image collections here.

The 365 RePicture Calendar is also available on social media

Instagram and Twitter are also updated daily.
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The 365 RePicture calendar theme
Sad man being consoled by friends in group therapy
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