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Thinkstock Annual Subscribers:

We're retiring Thinkstock in 2019, but moving over to Getty Images Premium Access couldn't be easier. Because Thinkstock is part of Getty Images, you can retain your existing content, get additional features, and pay the same price as your current subscription.

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Amazing content. Unlimited possibilities. Same great price.

Seamless Transition

Don't lose your old content or spend valuable time searching for a new solution—sign up and retain access to all of your previous downloads and existing lightboxes.

Stunning Content

Access the world's best images across Thinkstock, iStock, and Getty Images—all in one place. And, with new images added every month, there's always something new to see.

More Freedom

Say goodbye to daily and monthly download limits, plus enjoy unlimited user access for your whole team. Now, complete creative flexibility is within reach.

Simple Integration

Work faster and design on-the-go with tools and advanced features that integrate with Adobe® Creative Cloud®, WordPress, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

Better Tools

Enhanced tools like Search by Image and powerful search filters help you find the right image faster. Plus, now you can download multiple images at once—perfect for hitting big deadlines.

Legal Protection

Benefit from industry-leading legal protection and a wide range of usage rights, including apps, websites, social media, product packaging, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Thinkstock retiring?

Getty Images is retiring Thinkstock to make way for a newer and overall improved experience for Thinkstock Annual Subscribers with Getty Images Premium Access. This move connects your team to the spectacular content across Thinkstock, iStock, and Getty Images all in one place, and provides you with advanced features and tools you currently don't have access to.


When is Thinkstock shutting down?

Thinkstock is officially closing in mid-2019. Annual Subscriptions can no longer be renewed and in the coming months, new Image Pack and 1-month Subscriptions will no longer be available for purchase. You can still use your Subscriptions and Image Packs until early 2019. If you're a Thinkstock annual subscriber that moves with us to Getty Images Premium Access, you can continue to reference your Lightboxes and Previous Downloads.


Can I use my Thinkstock subscription until the site retires?

If you have an active 1-year annual subscription in April 2018, you can continue to use it until it expires. Once it expires, if you make the move to Getty Images, you will retain access to your existing content. This is a special offer for Thinkstock annual subscribers. However, if you don't move over to Getty Images, you will not be able to access your past downloads and existing Thinkstock lightboxes.


What's changing? How does it compare to what I had?

With Getty Images Premium Access, you get more features and flexibility, while paying the same price as what you currently are paying for your Thinkstock subscription. This is a special offer for Thinkstock annual subscribers and is for a special level of access called Premium Access Thinkstock Essentials.

The new features and tools you'll get include:

  • Unlimited seats at no extra cost
  • No daily or monthly download limits; you simply share an annual allocation of downloads
  • Faster ways to find what you need with intuitive search and filters, bigger images in the search grid, and Search by Image
  • Ability to download multiple images at a time
  • Fresh content uploaded each month
  • A better mobile experience
  • Plugins and extensions for tools you rely on like: Adobe® Creative Cloud®, WordPress VIP, WordPress.org and Salesforce Social Studio

When can I switch over to Getty Images Premium Access?

Once your current Thinkstock annual subscription ends, you can make the switch over to Getty Images Premium Access—simply contact your sales rep or request a callback here.


How often do you add new content on Getty Images?

Daily! With hundreds of thousands of contributors shooting images and video around the world, there's always new content to see and use.


How do I log in?

Once you've made the switch, you can use your Thinkstock username and password to log in. Remember to contact your sales rep to make the move.


What happens to my previous downloads on Thinkstock?

When you move over to Getty Images Premium Access, your previous downloads will still be accessible to you on Thinkstock until the site is shut down in mid-2019.


What happens to my current lightboxes on Thinkstock?

You can continue to access and reference your lightboxes on Thinkstock until mid-2019, and if you choose to switch to Getty Images Premium Access you will find any Thinkstock image by simply entering the image ID in the Getty Images search bar.


What does a Getty Images Premium Access annual subscription cost?

Your sales rep will personalize your Premium Access plan at the same price as your current annual subscription. We have a few levels of Premium Access, so if you want access to more content or broader license rights, your sales rep can help you with that too.


Do I get the same content?

Yes, the same content from Thinkstock is available on Getty Images.


How does it work?

Your sales rep will set you up. Check out our Premium Access Resource Center to learn more.


What is the difference between unlimited users and my current seat licensing?

Your current seat licensing on Thinkstock is a single seat license. This is based on a standard seat licensing model where you pay an additional fee for each seat license. With Getty Images Premium Access, there is no additional charge to add users to your account—so you can give your whole team access.


You mention new tools? What are they?

Getty Images has plugins and extensions for the programs and products you rely on: Adobe® Creative Cloud®, WordPress VIP, WordPress.org, and Salesforce Social Studio. Additionally, there are on-site tools to help you work faster including intuitive search and filters, bigger images in the search grid, ability to Search by Image, download multiple images, and a better mobile experience.


I don't like change. How easy is this going to be?

Extremely easy! Once you've spoken with your sales rep and you're all set up with Premium Access, you can use your username and password to log in and start your next project. You will still be able to access your Thinkstock previous downloads and lightboxes. Your rep is available to give you a quick tour and explain any questions that you may have.


How does the licensing and legal coverage work?

Getty Images Premium Access has the same stress-free licensing and coverage you are used to. If you have an active Premium Access agreement any content downloaded under your Thinkstock subscription but not yet incorporated in to a project may continue to be used in accordance with your Thinkstock license.

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