Deadline: May 14, 2019
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Grandmother Carrying Granson
Custom Content Brief
Japanese Seniors
FIL is looking for candid images of Japanese seniors, aged 50 to 70, living healthy natural lives.

They are looking for groups and individuals taking part in mostly outdoor activities ‑ aligned with the sentiment of people enjoying life in Japan. Must feel authentic, natural and ad hoc, nothing staged looking please.

Please see the client’s mood board for visual references, and remember while it depicts some non‑Asians, Japanese talent is mandatory for this brief

  • May 14, 2019
Model Ethnicity & Other:
  • N/A
  • Japan
  • Can authentically pass as Japan
Key Requirements: 
  • All shots must be candid
  • lifestyle activities relevant to Japan
  • Un‑posed, caught moments
  • No winter imagery
Additional Client Requirements:
  • No portraits
  • No posed imagery
  • No staged imagery
  • No weather conditions that aren't found/experienced in Japan
Visual Examples:
Suggested Scenarios:
  • Man walking alone in nature, leisurely with a fresh green background.
    Keywords: Nature, hiking, environment, healthy, well‑being, active seniors exercising
  • Couple happily in living room looking at iPad, Skype with their grandchildren. Keywords: Family, couple, lifestyle, enjoyment, togetherness, connection
  • Grandmother with her family and grandkids walking along a park/ beach.
    Keywords: Leisure, nature, outdoor, togetherness, family, enjoyment, healthy
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